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If you already have a website, there are many affiliate programs that will pay you to promote their business on your site.  Each program works a little different.  Some pay per click, per sale, or per lead generated.  Many programs offer payment based on commission per sale, and still others offer a flat fee payment based on a click, lead or sale.

Before signing up for any program, make sure you read the terms and agreements section for the program.  Knowing what is expected of you can save you big headaches in the future.

I have only listed affiliate programs here that ask you link to their page through banners, text links, etc.  If you are interested in a reseller program, or a program that offers you your own "online store", please visit our InternetBiz4U page. - Everyone has heard of Amazon, the leading bookstore on the web.  Amazon also offers software, music, DVDs, and a whole lot more.  You can sign up for their affiliate program directly from their website.

CDnow - Direct your visitors to CDnow and earn commission when they purchase their favorite CDs!

Commission Junction - Tons of different affiliate programs to choose from.  CJ makes it easy to select and keep all your affiliate information in one place.

LinkShare -  Free LinkShare Membership! Enjoy the benefits of partnering with 400 top online merchants.

ClickBank - Earn money when your visitors shop at this online marketplace!

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