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Get Paid Biz 4 U

If you don't have the time, money, or energy to devote to a new home business, maybe you should consider one of the many 'get paid' programs that are on the web.  These programs generally pay you for doing things such as reding e-mail, taking surveys, or even just surfing the internet!

These are some of the 'get paid' programs that I personally use.

InBox Cash -  Inbox Cash sends you targeted e-mail based on your profile and location, earn up to $10 per e-mail.  Earn $10 every time someone you refer signs up, too!

ePilot - one click to everything you need on the Internet and more!

AllAdvantage - The original get paid to surf program.  This is a great program that I am doing very well with.  I highly recommend it!

DesktopHorizon - Earn Desktop Horizon Credit Dollars (DHCD) while you surf. Each DHCD is presumably equivalent to 1 cent, that can be redeemed for cash or merchandise.

GoToWorld - You will be paid for using the internet, and also for internet usage of the people that you refer.

ValuePay - With Valuepay,  you will earn 50% of the revenues for the banners you view, plus 10% of your direct referrals direct revenue (which is essentially 5% of the revenue that they generate for Valuepay), plus 5% of your indirects revenue (or 2.5% of Valuepay's earnings for those individuals).

MaxRef - This is not a get paid program in and of itself, however, you can sign up for all the above programs and many, many more at MaxRef.  You are given a website to direct people to, which makes it easier to make new referrals to all your get paid programs.

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